Personal Brand

Beautiful brand content that captures the essence of you and all that you do. If you are looking to share your story with cohesive, meaningful imagery that speaks to your truth and vision, then let's chat. Whether you are an artist, creative, advocate, or small business owner you probably need fresh content for your website and social media on a regular basis. We can work together to create a session that reflects your voice and captures the light that you bring to the world. With a background in graphic design and marketing, I bring a unique depth of knowledge and experience to brand photography. And I know that creative, cohesive content adds so much value to developing a professional, successful brand.

woman holding round wood framed moss art piece
woman sitting on dock in summer dress with hand on her hat
woman sitting at table smiling with hands under chin
woman in holding plant in hands in front of tummy wearing yellow sweater
woman looking sideways with hands in foreground and tattoos on arms
brand photo woman in cafe with ipad doing work smiling at camera
woman at table looking out window
woman in forest holding a fern frond in front of her face
Woman wrapping bouquet in flower store
woman in art studio walking in front of her pieces of art on the floor
woman outdoors smiling with hair blowing in wind
woman in city sitting on bench looking sideways
woman fixing large moss art on wall
womans crouched down creating artwork on the floor
stack of natural soaps sitting on table in a store