My Approach

Every photographer has a unique style and approach to their work - it's important to find the right fit for you. I try to keep mine as genuine and meaningful as possible. I don't like fake - I want it to be real - photos that capture the essence of who you are. Casual, honest moments of interacting and connecting are my favourite - whether it's with your family, newborn or the work that you love.


When photographing families, I tend to keep things moving and change things up so that little people don't get bored or tired. I look for pretty light, and guide you to beautiful spots to play or snuggle - whether we are at a park, beach or in your home. You don't need to do anything special, just take the hour to enjoy your family. Some families need to run wild, while others enjoy quiet chats and snuggling. I tend to take a few more traditional family portraits at the beginning of the session while everyone is fresh, and then move to more casual, candid shots as our time progresses. I try to go with the flow and energy of each family I work with.

Family of three with Little boy standing in ocean at the Sunset at Jericho Beach
Close up of child arms around mother's neck with her long brown hair at the beach
Family of three standing in ocean at sunset at Jericho Beach.
Young boy holding a toy wooden boat at sunset at Jericho Beach.

The age of your children will obviously factor in to the session as well. I have a lot of experience capturing older kids and teens, as I have a few myself. Sometimes it's harder to crack into their genuine expressions, but I often wait until they let their guard down and try to snap those in-between moments when they are least expecting it. The most important thing is to take the hour to enjoy your family, and beautiful, connected images will follow.

Family of four with teenagers hugging at Whitecliff Park in West Vancouver.
Family of four with two teenagers standing on rocks at WhiteCliff Park in West Vancouver
Two teenage siblings sitting on rocks at Whitecliff Park laughing
Teenage girl went hair blowing in face at Whitecliff Park in West Vancouver


My newborn sessions take place in your home - where you can be comfortable and cozy with the newest member of your family. The shoot tends to be casual and intimate, with lots of snuggling and quiet moments that reflect this special time. I focus on capturing your growing family and the transition into parenthood (if it's your first). And I also spend time capturing baby on their own. I love documenting all the bits and pieces of newborns, as naturally and simply as possible.

Newborn baby wrap in cream blanket sleeping
Close-up of newborn toes wrapped in Cream blanket
Toddler holding newborn sister's hand
Dad holding newborn baby girl with Mom snuggling in beside him


Whether you are an artist, creative, advocate, or small business owner you probably need fresh content for your website and social media on a regular basis. We can work together to create a session that reflects your voice and captures the light that you bring to the world. With a background in graphic design and marketing, I bring a unique depth of knowledge and experience to brand photography.

Close up of bowl of moss art in woman's hands.
Woman holding round, wood framed moss art.
Close-up of a woman holding coffee in a coffee shop, smiling in background.
Woman holding hand out towards the camera with her eye peeking through.
Brand photography for real estate agent in Whistler.
Real estate woman climbing stairs in Whistler home.