Newborn Info


The beginning of life is such a precious and magical time. Newborns are pure hope and wonderment. It is an amazingly special time for families and my goal is to capture the story of this time in my images.

Newborn shoots should take place within the first ten days of life. Babies are usually very sleepy and co-operative at this time, and infant acne hasn’t shown up yet. It is best to book a tentative date in advance, and then we can firm up a day and time once the baby arrives.

Newborn sessions usually take 2-3 hours. It is important to be comfortable and relaxed as it is normal for the shoot to extend through several sleep/feed cycles. Often, I will keep shooting through wakeful periods and even feeding times. It is all part of the story of a your baby and this special time.

I will take some candid shots of you and your new baby, although I usually do more posed shots in newborn sessions than in normal portrait sessions. I find that parents often need some guidance on how to hold the baby in order to get intimate, emotive images. I will do some shots with family and baby, as well some of just baby in sleepy poses. I don’t use props or do composite images as I like to document baby natural way.


It is important to try to keep baby awake for at least an hour before I arrive. Once I get to your home, you can feed & burb baby and (hopefully) they will be sleepy and content during the shoot.

Make sure your home is nice and warm (about 24 degrees). This may seem hot to you but it is important that your baby is comfortable without any clothes or blankets on for the shoot. I will need a bright area with indirect light where I can set up a bean bag to do some sleepy newborn poses. And I often use the master bedroom, nursery, and the living area during the shoot as well.

I have an assortment of fabrics, wraps and diaper covers that I will bring. If you have any special blankets that you would like to use, please have them handy. I prefer to use soft, natural colours with newborns as they work well with creamy newborn skin. Bright colours and patterns tend to be distracting.

What to wear:

I don’t like to give too much direction regarding clothing choice as I think it is most important that everyone is comfortable and looks themselves. Remember that I want to document the unique story of your family. That being said, it is good to think about how your family will look all together. Solid, neutral colours and earth tones tend to work well, but stripes and patterns can also add a nice contrast (don’t have everyone dressed in stripes, but one or two family members is fine). It is best to avoid large logos or busy graphics as they will be distracting in the images.